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Welcome to the research website of Dr. Ingrid Sladeczek in the Faculty of Education at McGill University.

Dr. Sladeczek's research team consists of graduate students (Masters and Doctoral) and dedicated undergraduate and graduate volunteers who are currently working on a number of studies related to children with special needs and their families. Our team collaborates with community organizations, clinicians and other researchers, school boards, and policy makers across Canada.

Our research team conducts primarily applied research. Currently, our main area of interest is families and their children with special needs. Projects include our National Early Intervention Research Initiative, where we have investigated early intervention services for children with disabilities and their families, as well as child functioning and development in the context of early intervention. We have also examined parent health and well-being, as well as their access to and use of supports and services to help them meet the diverse needs of their children. In addition, we have studied the use of behavioural consultation with parents of children with behaviour difficulties and services available to CEGEP students with learning disabilities. Most recently, we are taking a systemic approach to examine issues of bullying in schools, in addition to examining the effects of a large-scale reading awareness community intervention on parent-infant interactions.

On our website you will find information on our team members as well as summaries of ongoing projects. If you are interested in finding out more about our lab, please complete the application form on the Contact Us page. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.





Latest News


-Welcome new students, Janet Amos, Greg Davies and Melissa Fernandez, as well as new volunteers, Kelly Han and Hayley Mortin.


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