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Dr. Sladeczek believes in students as colleagues whom she supports and mentors via an apprenticeship model. Depending on a student's desires and goals, she tries best to match these with the demands of the program and the demands of the research team.

Mentorship occurs in many different venues, be it presenting together at local, national, or international conferences; writing papers together; or actively assisting students in securing funding from, for example, SSHRC, CIHR, or the Max Bell Foundation. Many of our students have been successful in securing funding from various sources. Dr. Sladeczek also believes in mentorship in terms of encouraging more advanced students to guide and teach junior students.

Dr. Sladeczek matches her supervision style to individual student styles by asking students how she can best facilitate their progress (e.g., Are you the type of person who would like frequent meetings and set deadlines?, or Are you the type who likes to do things on your own and then meet for supervision?). She takes a hands-on approach by providing her students with constructive feedback, while at the same time aiming to provide them with the necessary tools to become independent researchers.

If you are interested in graduate supervision with Dr. Sladeczek, please email her at ingrid.sladeczek@mcgill.ca. When emailing, please attach the following: a current curriculum vitae, your overall GPA, and your GRE results (if available). Please indicate the program to which you are applying and the reasons you are interested in joining Dr. Sladeczek's team.

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